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Wake Catering Platters Melbourne

When comes to those sad times, the last you need is additional stress. Our simple drop-off services will make your life much easier. Just pick and choose your platters to fit in your budget. If you need help setting up the platter on the tables, just let us know.

At Finger Foodie Catering you design your catering menu the way you like, without going over your budget. At affordable prices, we deliver your catering to your door or venue, all over Melbourne metro area.

Our platters have been designed to offer a complete catering solution for you. How do we know? Because you are the best person to know what platters suit your event better! Your wake catering platters in Melbourne are made easy.


Variety is the key, and we have a large number of combinations to suit your needs - check our catering packages here or just pick and choose your menu.

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