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Aussie Delights

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Aussie Delights pack includes:

- Assorted quiches: Bacon and cheese | 3 cheese and herbs

- Jalapeno and cream cheese sticks

- Homemade sausage rolls with tomato and pear chutney

- Lebanese lamb kopfta, minted yogurt (GF)

- Mini pie, tomato sauce

- Spinach and cheese arancini, garlic aioli

Food is delivered fully cooked in eco-friendly platters. Hot items need to be transferred to a metal baking tray, and re-heat in a preheated oven at 160C degrees, for 4-8 minutes, or hot to touch. DO NOT heat up sauces!

If you prefer to have your food delivered in pizza boxes, to easily stack them up in your fridge, please let us know during check out, so we can send your eco-friendly platters on the side :)

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